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Anyone interested in moderating this subject?

by marie on 04 Aug 2004 02:38 pm

Anyone interested in moderating this subject? It would be great if either:

a) You have received a 7 in this subject.

b) You are studying this subject in University

c) You teach this subject.

Thank you so much!


Location: Cambridge, UK

by Levi on 05 Aug 2004 08:02 am

Very few people worldwide take Islamic History — it might be best if we subsumed it into History, as most of the same advice re: exams, essays, etc. would still be relevant. From what I gather there are less than 100 candidates a year for the subject, so were are unlikely to find one, and very unlikely to find more than one.


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by kildare on 09 Aug 2004 01:42 am

I did my IA on the Iranian Constitutional Revolution of 1905, my one of my Oxford pieces of the Islamic Revolution of 1978 and also studied Islamic Fundamentalism as one of our options for the Religion and the State paper so I could help out to some extent should people have questions.


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