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Some Geography Terms to Test Yourself With

by marie on 22 Mar 2005 04:30 am

Feel free to copy, paste, and print to test yourself:

Human Resources — Anything that involves human participation or has been invented or produced by people.

Natural resources — anything that is produced independantly of human intervention that is produced through natural resources.

Renewable resources — resources which can be used continually, are sustainable, and cause minimal environmental pollution (e..g wind, water).

Non-renewable resources — fossil fuels. They are finite, as their exploitation can lead to exhaustion. Cheap to use but are major pollutants (e.g. coal).

Renewable resources if managed — resources that are generally continuous but if overused can lead to exhaustion of supplies (e.g. Wood)

Environmental resources — natural (physical) resources. Renewable and non-renewable resources.

Political resources — includes things like political leader, governments, global laws and rules, national laws and rules.

Technological resources — includes machinery, IT, and any product that has been made by humans that can help to produce a product.

Cultural resources — people’s beliefs and work approach/ ethics.

Economic resources — resources that include money, industry, and people.

Reserves — resources that are considered exploitable under current economic and technological conditions.

Stocks — the amount of resource in all its forms that van be obtained by man.

Carrying capacity — the number of organisms an area can support on a given resources base.

Over-populated — number of people exceeds available resources.

Optimum population — the number of people is equal to number of resources.

Under-populated — the number of people is less than the number of available resources.


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