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Students' Experiences in Writing the Biology Extended Essay

by marie on 06 Aug 2004 06:46 pm

Biology EE Advice

What students have to say:

_Shines_ says:

Did mine in biology cross between a lab report and a scientific paper - I'm happy with it, tabulating the results of my research took forever - had 908 questionaires to put into Excel!! Fun - Not! But it was worth it in the end - was a topic I'm interested in now ur going to laugh "Incidence of Lefthandedness at my School" Bummer part was best part of papers written on left-handedness were ancient or in German - technical German.

More_Khaos says:

Hi I did do mine in science - my title was "What are the Effects of Nitrogen Deficiency on Pea Growth Inoculated with Rizobium Bacteria?" The simple version is what happens when pea plants are capable of producing their own bacteria and you don't give them any in their food. This was a very long and stressfull process for me with two lab experiments that took place. The first lot of plants I worked with died and the second lot did not behave very well - to tell you the truth the title is manipulated because I forgot that peas could create their own nitrogen even if it wasn't present, but the experiment was really interesting because the plants that had sufficient nitrogen in the soil did not produce nodules on the root and thoes that had no nitrogen did, the ones with nitrogen in the soil also appeared to start to die earlier than the other plants - my theory was nitrogen overload.

Working with plants for a project is hard work and they do have a tendency to die if you don't care for them so only work with them if you know exactly what you are doing - I was collecting my results three weeks before the deadline due to the death of my first batch!!

Having medical orientated projects are not favoured by the IB according to my teacher - you can't do an experiment because it is unethical in most instances as you would be working with potentially dangerous material. You therefore have to work with previously collected data and manipulate it in an original way. If you know where to get the data then great, but i would consult the VM and your IB coordinator first. GOOD LUCK !


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