IB Resource News

October 17, 2012 The ExpressionEngine system proved so unreliable that all IB Resource materials have been converted to static HTML files. During the conversion and validation process, all obsolete email addresses were removed, most of them posted by selfish visitors who demanded private responses to questions. Links to external web pages have not been changed, though many of them are, after four or five years, invalid. The IB Resource is now 'frozen' while I consider its future. I may attempt a clean re-install of ExpressionEngine, or I may move to another CMS such as Drupal or Moodle.

March 16, 2012 This website has been static for so long, and my visits so infrequent, that it took me a while to discover that a major upgrade in the ExpressionEngine system had resulted in the display of blank pages, with no error messages. This has now been fixed and I'd like to apologise to everyone who visited the site during this outage. I'd also like to apologise for the lack of updates to the material on this site. I received no responses to my call for volunteer contributors, and an unadvertised test installation of the discussion board was immediately flooded with membership requests from extremely dubious sources.

October 19, 2008 The entire IB Resource website is now powered by the ExpressionEngine content management system. A discussion forum is in place but will not be activated until we can assemble a team of volunteer contributors and moderators. If you are a former member of the old phpBB bulletin board forum or the Moodle course management system, please contact the Webmaster and a new account will be created for you. New members are also very welcome.

September 2, 2008 The work of archiving both the old phpBB bulletin board forum and the Moodle course management system is complete, and both sections have been taken down. All messages, materials, and quizzes posted to the old IB Resource are available in the Archive Section.

August 28, 2008 The Moodle forum was also flooded with fake accounts — over 800 of them, and new subscriptions have been disabled. This means that neither phpBB nor Moodle is accepting new registrations. In an attempt to prevent further malicious hacking and to reopen the IB Resource to new subscribers, phpBB and Moodle will be replaced with a more robust Content Management System. Before that, messages and materials posted to the current phpBB and Moodle sections will be archived and converted into static web page format. This will entail stripping away icons, avatars, signatures, smileys, and other decorations but as much of the original content as possible will be preserved.

May 4, 2008 The phpBB forum has been restored, updated to 3.0.1, and purged of spam messages and fake accounts. For the time being, new registrations have been suspended. Existing members can continue to post messages.

April 29, 2008 The phpBB forum has been swamped with over 8,000 spam messages and has been taken offline temporarily. It will return using a more robust CMS, or as an archive of posted messages.

March 3, 2006 Major updates to the Forum and Moodle software. phpBB is now at 2.0.19 and Moodle is at 1.5.3.

December 20, 2004 Security updates to the Forum and Moodle software. phpBB is now at 2.0.11 and Moodle is at 1.4.3.

September 17, 2004 The Moodle software has been updated to Version 1.4.1. In other news, a Google search for "IB+resource" now gives this site as the top listing. Wow!

September 3, 2004 The Moodle section of the IB Resource site has been updated to Version 1.4. Course admins now have the option of allowing guest access to their courses.

August 23, 2004 The IB Resource site has a new home with a new name: ibhelp.com. This is shorter and easier to remember than the current www.ib.notlong.com shortcut, so if you have posted links from your own sites, please update with the new URL. Many thanks!

August 22, 2004 Over the last few days both the primary and secondary name servers for this site have been behaving erratically. Users may have experienced problems accessing the site via the www.buda.cache.waseda.ac.jp domain name.

Unfortunately both servers are located in an office at Waseda University in Japan and the administrator is on extended sabbatical leave.

Consequently I've decided to move the IB Resource website to a new host with a new domain name, and keep the current host as a backup.

August 21, 2004 At last! The IB Resource site has finally begun to appear in the Google listings. Many thanks to all those of you who helped by posting links from your own sites.

August 9, 2004 The site will be unavailable from approximately 0800 to 1800 hrs Japan Time (2300-0900 hrs GMT). This is because of a scheduled power outage in the building where the server is located. Sorry for the inconvenience!